How to add mailchimp HTML code to Divi theme

If you are using Divi theme and you need a fast and easy way to embed a subscriber pop up onto your website, but you do not want to use a widget. This might be because your homepage is fullwidth. Fret now, because its easy and here are the steps:

#1 Log into your mailchimp account

#2 At the top right corner, click the arrow next to your username, click on ‘connect site’ or ‘connected sites’ if you have previously added a site.

#3 Select the platform you built your website on or with (in this case, it would be WordPress)

#4 Scroll down to enter your site URL and audience, click on get code, then click on ‘copy code’. your code will look like this:

A picture showing you what the mailchimp code to be pasted on your website looks like
A picture showing you where to get the website code from mailchimp

#5 Log into your WordPress website, on the left side of your dashboard, scroll down to where you have “Divi“, hover your mouse on it and click on ‘Divi Options

#6 Select the ‘integrations tab‘ at the top of the page and scroll to where you have ‘add header code to the head of your blog‘, paste the code there, and click on save changes at the top or bottom.

A picture showing you where to add the mailchimp code to your wordpress + divi theme website

#7 to be certain your site is now connected, go back to the mailchimp page where you copied the code and click on ‘check connection’

You should get a message saying ‘your site is now connected‘. Got questions or feedbacks, drop them in the comments section.

 A picture showing you your website is now connected to mailchimp.

Please note: Mailchimp lists are now called ‘Audiences‘.

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