What is an RSS Feed and why do i need one?

First, the full meaning of RSS is ‘really simple syndication’. A feed is simply a pool of gathered information. So practically, an RSS feed is a collation of content (news, blog updates, videos, audios, etc) from different websites that a particular person is interested in.

For example, my RSS feeds would comprise of cat news, philosophical stories, how-to tech videos, travel bloggers stories, etc.


Because that is what i am interested in.

So who should use an RSS feed?

  • People who are too busy and would like to read all their news in one place
  • People who have works on different sites (writers, developers, designers, etc) they want to show on their own website portfolios page.
  • People who want brief updates from their favourite sites
  • People who do not want to share their email address every time they want to subscribe to content from a site they like

See other definitions and usage from these amazing writers: Copyblogger, BloggingBasics 101, Featured image source: Just Publishing Advice.

If you are a WordPress enthusiast like i am, then you want to know if there is a WordPress plugin that does the job right? There is, check out the WP RSS Aggregator plugin here.

Got questions, feedbacks or want to tell us how you are using RSS feeds? Comment below!

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