How to get a FREE SSL Security Certificate for your Website

Security is paramount to all types of websites, ranging from eCommerce to corporate sites down to personal blogs. Cyber crime is on the rise and the need for security is becoming more and more important day in day out.

The average price for a security certificate starts from $5.88 to $72+ annually. This might seem very little to some people but there are times when you are on a tight budget and need every penny you can save, that’s when this post comes in handy.

Let’s Encrypt Free SSL certificate is available for just three months but can be regenerated for free after expiry. The downside of this solution is the need to be constantly regenerating the certificate. This might be hard for some people and so they leave the site unprotected.

Many people (myself included) distrust any site that doesn’t have a security certificate and with good reason. The ingenious way malicious codes are transferred now can be scary and most of our life is getting digital this days, so we got to protect ourselves.

To install this free certificate, follow the following simple steps.

SSL Certificate Lets Encrypt
  • Scroll down to “Issue a New Certificate” and locate the website you intend to install the certificate on (if you have multiple sites added) and click on “+ issue” by the right
SSL Certificate Lets Encrypt
  • You can choose to add cPanel domains (webdisk, webmail and cPanel) which is optional and click on on “Issue”.
SSL Certificate Lets Encrypt
  • That’s all. You should be able to see the following screen. You got yourself a free SSL certificate for a whooping three months for FREE

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