How to limit data usage on your PC

It is so common to hear most  PC users complaining about how much internet data their laptop consumes. Data plan subscriptions are expensive, limited, and it is not the best spending a lot on internet subscription. So, the steps below will help in reducing PC’s  data consumption and make your data subscription last longer.

Step 1: Set Your  WI-FI Network As A Metered Connection

One of the first things you need to do is to set your connection as metered. With a metered connection your PC will disable automatic windows update, app update other processes from using data in the background. To set your internet connection as metered, locate Network and Internet option in settings, find your connection name in  WI-FI and then select advanced options.

Step 2: Check the data usage of individual Apps

Some PC’S come with a data usage tool like Windows 10 that allows you to view the amount of data that apps on your PC are consuming. This will help you to control the data consumption of the apps when you are using a metered network connection.

Step 3: Disable Automatic Updates For Apps And Live Tiles

Windows apps and live tiles update in the background and they download information in the background while you are busy with other things. To save data, you need to check out the settings in the windows store app and disable automatic updates for apps and for live tiles.

Step 4: Disable Peer To Peer Updates Sharing.

If you have peer to peer updates enables on your PC, it means that you will be able to share your windows update file with another PC on your local network after you have downloaded it.

Step 5: Use a data efficient browser

It is possible that the bulk of your data is spent on web browser usage. Some browsers come with data saving features like compressing web pages or not playing unnecessary flash content. Google Chrome has a data saver extension and the opera browser has a turbo mode that saves data while you are surfing. You can change some settings like switching off images, pop-ups and disabling your browser from automatically playing flash content.

With the steps above you should be able to limit the data usage on your PC.

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