How to secure your WiFi network from getting hacked

Hackers can hack your network if you make use of weak passwords/encryptions. If not careful, hackers can have access to your accounts, computers, steal personal information and others.

They commonly use the method called Sniffing, tampering and tracking networks, but not to worry, here are tips to avoid being hacked.


  1. Don’t connect to an unsafe public network that you don’t know about.
  1. Make use of strong complex passwords.
  1. Don’t give out your password to anyone, it should be kept private.
  1. Use different complex passwords for different accounts.
  1. Do not enter your security details if you aren’t sure about the site.
  1. Delete networks you don’t need or use from your network list.
  1. Put off WiFi when not in use.
  1. Make use of encrypted VPN or WiFi.
  1. Don’t broadcast sharing of WiFi to many sources.
  1. Hide your WiFi network.
  1. Secure your firmware up to date.
  1. Log out from your account when not in use.

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