Pre Web-Development Questionnaire

Communication is the cornerstone of the design process with us. As designers and developers, it is our job to make sure we deliver a functional product that meets your expectations and budgetary constraints.

In order to accomplish this, we need your input. Below you will find a series of questions that will help lead us to the solution you want.

Please take your time filling out each question to the best of your ability, so we can create a design to the best of our abilities.

Section A

This is quite necessary, so we can provide an appropriate solution to your budgetary constraints. Add your currency sign, please.

Section B

Example: improve sales, increase customer satisfaction, promote a new service, cover a niche, etc. Please fill in the information about your project here and please try to be as descriptive as much as possible.
Example: seeing the menu and prices of our restaurant; obtaining information about our products/services, finding out our locations, seeing your photo or video collections, etc
Examples: conservative, avant-garde, trendy, intellectual, trustworthy, knowledgeable, relaxed, prosperous, corporate.
The site map is the overall structure of the site, or a list of pages that you need: home, about, contact, blog, gallery, store, services, etc.
Example: contact form, photo gallery, video, blog, virtual tour, etc.
Example: clean, balanced, modern, corporate, etc.

Section C

This isn’t as crucial as the other questions, but it does help give us a feel for what you are expecting.
This isn’t as crucial as the other questions, but it does help give us a feel for what you are expecting.
Would you be accepting payments on your website or blog?(Required)

Is your website / blog content ready?(Required)

You can also upload to google docs or share via a Microsoft Word document. If the existing content is on an old site, share the link to that, please.
Is your Logo ready?(Required)

Accepted file types: png, Max. file size: 1 MB.
Upload your logo if it is available
Have you bought your domain name?(Required)

Have you bought hosting for your domain name?(Required)
This is crucial for the functionality of your website
If you have a domain name already, type it here, otherwise, type in two domain names for us to check to see if it is available.
Would you be needing our ongoing services to support and maintain your WordPress website? Please see our pricing for this on

Look over your responses, then send your request!

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