How do you set up a killer social media profile?

Think of this as a short biography. The first thing people see when they visit your profile. They say first impressions matter, this is your first impression to others on the world wide web. This is what other people see and read about you online before deciding to make you a friend, business partner, or more. So how do you go about presenting yourself online? Follow these tips:

Step #1: Keep it short and concise, the shorter and straight to the point, the better.

Step #2: Capture the top three things you want people to know about you. It is not uncommon these days for one person to be a jack of all trades. You don’t want people thinking you are a master of none by confusing them with ten different things you are into, right?

Step #3: Keep it real. Don’t be too generic, add a little bit of humour, your favourite hobby, etc.

Step #4: Add one or two links to your works/blog/portfolio/personal site/business site, etc.

set up your killer profile like john obidi

Thats’ it for now. Got some tips to add so others can benefit? Drop a comment.

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