Fastboot, Flash & Recovery Mode for SONY Phones

The instructions below will work for all the Sony Xperia devices. This includes the new XZ series as well as devices from the forgotten Xperia Z series, even older devices such as the Xperia SP.

  • Fastboot mode
    • Power off the device.
    • Now press and hold the Volume Down button and connect the device to a PC with a USB cable. You probably won’t see anything on the display but generally, a blue LED signifies that the phone is in fastboot mode.
  • Flash mode
    • Similar to before, connect the device to a PC while it is powered off whilst also holding down the Volume Up key instead. Flash mode is generally signaled by a green LED.
  • Recovery mode
    • Power on the device.
    • While it is turning on, you’ll notice the LED turn on.
    • Quickly press Volume Up or Volume Down button repeatedly two or three times.

Entering the recovery mode is a little tricky if you use custom recoveries. Depending on the recovery and kernel installed on the device, the timing of pressing the buttons can be a little different. The above instruction should work for most Xperia devices running the stock recovery.

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