How do you know your website is great?

Almost every one today wants a website and for good reason too. A great website brings value to you and or your business by doing publicity for you when you are not there, by selling on your behalf, by attracting prospective customers and clients to your business, amongst others.

There are lots of factors that determine a great website, and there is no one size fits all because the type of website you have and your target audience matters. However, according to Edwin at Yoast, there are a few things every website must have, and they are:

  • Holistic SEO. Yes that’s right, I keep telling people, SEO is not a day job, it’s an habit you get into as soon as you begin to build your website. Every new page and post type created should be averagely optimised.
  • Your website should satisfy the intention of a user/visitor (human) that visits and have a clear goal. It is often said that, every new visitor to your website should be able to tell what you or your business does within 30 seconds of landing on your website. This must be why speed is also an important factor, what do you think?
  • Your website must be technically worthy. This means that search engines must be able to crawl your website, know what they can index or not. Your site should load fast and should not have a lot of errors. You must use an efficient hosting company.
  • Your website must be safe, secure and trustworthy. This is a no-brainer, I should not even be telling you this but I must. Ensure you take security of the information on your website serious, have an SSL compulsorily, let visitors know how you handle their data if you request for any information from them. Make sure your softwares are up to date and use secure passwords. I bet even you do not want to visit any website that has a potential of causing harm to your device or PC.
  • You need a mobile-friendly website. Smartphone usage in Nigeria right now is pegged at 36 millions people according to a Jumia Nigeria Mobile 2019 Report. You also need to ensure your site can talk directly to search engines, letting it know you have useful and valuable content for searchers to explore.

Want to share your thoughts, points or what you think makes your own website remarkable? Comment below.

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