Why should search engines index / crawl your site?

A quick search of the above subject and you will see a lot of articles telling you how to get search engines to index your site or discourage them from doing so. While there are lots of reasons why you may or may not want search engines to index your site. We believe you should.

So first, of all, what do search engines do for a living? Yes, you need to know what their job is.

According to MOZ; search engines are answer machines. They exist to discover, understand, and organize the internet’s content in order to offer the most relevant results to the questions searchers are asking.

Yes, it is that simple! I have no doubt you have spent time and money getting yourself or your business a website. So why shouldn’t you want them to index your site? Here are some reasons why you should:

  • They are the largest source of traffic to websites
  • Google search engine alone processes more than 3 billion results everyday. Where is your website in that equation?
  • When an average person today wants to find a product, service or a piece of information today, they use a Search Engine.
  • Search Engine also acts as a filter for relevant answers from a wealth of available information online.
  • It is totally free! You are not required to pay for ad space to get indexed.

To show up on search engines, your website / blog / application needs to be visible right? Except you run a membership site with private content, or you created a site for testing, or have dynamic content, then you should let search engines crawl your site.

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