How to add a browser extension on Chrome

There are so many reasons you may want to add an extension to your chrome browser. There are equally thousands of extensions in the chrome web store for different purposes.

Step #1: Go to Chrome Web Store, click here.

Step #2: Look to your left at the top on your computer, you will see a search this store box, type the name of the extension you want into it to display results. It’s okay if you don’t know the name. Say for instance, you need an extension to manage twitter, or read books, just type those words into the box to bring out your options.

Step #3: The store will show you the top three, read the reviews, read the descriptions, select your preferred option. Click the add to chrome button in front of the one you choose to add this extension to your chrome browser.

Step #4: A notification will pop up telling you what the extension can do, and ask you to confirm adding extension. Click the add extension button.

That’s all. You are set up and great to go.

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