How to clear your cache on Chrome

There are quite a number of reasons you may want to clear your cache/browsing data on your chrome browser. When you do this, your browser thinks you have not visited that page before. Your passwords and bookmarks saved will not be cleared. This is a basic browser hygiene and we recommend you do it on a regular basis.

Step #1: At the top right of your chrome browser, in front of your address bar, click on the three dotted vertical lines, scroll down to settings and click on that.

Step #2: Scroll down, you will see the advanced settings option, click on it to open more options.

Step #3: Scroll down again to look for the clear browsing data and click on it. You will get a pop up showing you basic and advanced settings of what will be cleared, select your desired options. click on clear data.

How to clear your cache on Chrome

That’s it. You have just done one health checkup for your device.

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