How do you turn on private browsing on chrome

Why would you want to turn on private browsing when surfing the internet? Well, if you are using a public PC or one that does not belong to you. You definitely want to turn on private browsing. ZDNET lists 15 other reasons why you should.

Step #1: At the top right of your chrome browser, in front of your address bar, click on the three dotted vertical lines, scroll down to settings and click on that to show the options under it.

Step #2: You will see the new incognito window, click on it to open your browser in private mode.

You can also use a keyboard shortcut key. If you are using a Mac PC, press: Shift + Command + N. If you are on a Windows, Linux or Chrome PC, press: Shift + Control + N.

That’s it. You are good to go. Using another browser other than chrome? See more here

Want to turn it off on mobile, click here for iPad/iPhone, for android click here.

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