How to embed a video on Google Docs

Google Docs is an incredible tool for documents, drawings, spreadsheets, presentations and other text files. However, users tend to find it difficult to place a video in their file.

Not to worry, here are guidelines to help you fix the problem:

  1. Open your Google Docs.
  2. Open blank page.
  3. In the top menu at the left, click on File and hit on Presentation.

This opens the Google tool for presentation.

  1. At the top menu at the left in your Presentation page.

Click on Insert and hit on Video from the drop down menu.

  1. A new page will be shown to insert your videos either through:
  • Youtube search for videos.
  • URL search.
  • Google drive (My Drive, Shared with me, Recent).
  1. Click on the video and hit on the Select icon.
  2. Your video is embed on the presentation page, select and copy the video.
  1. Head back to Google docs, click on Insert and hit on Drawing

A pop-up Google drawing tool page is displayed,

paste in the video you copied and click on Save and Close.

  1. Your video will be embed in the Google doc.

Note: You can move your video to a suitable position by clicking on break text.

This is how to embed a video in your Google Docs.

Also, to enable a user access your video document:

Click on Share  and enable the link to Anyone can view and send. The user will only be able to view only your document.

For the user to have access to play the video, all they just need to do is to:

Click on the video,

which prompts the Google drawing tool to open up and

enable them open the video by double clicking on the video.

If you have any questions, suggestions, do comment below.

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