How to sign documents digitally

Are you tired of having to print out documents sent to you online to append our signature? Why don’t you just create your signature online and add it to the necessary documents. This can be created on Windows, Android, Chrome or whatever platform you prefer.

There are different apps that can be used to sign a document electronically namely;

  •  E-sign
  • Hellosign
  • Docusign
  • Adobe sign
  • Preview
  • Yousign etc.

How to sign a document digitally using Adobe Reader

  •  Open the PDF/ document using the Adobe Reader application. 
  • Click the “Fill & Sign” button in the right pane then the “Sign” button on the toolbar and select “Add Signature”.
  • You can create a signature in one of three ways. 

Selects “Type” so you can type your name and have it converted to a signature.

             Select “Draw” and then draw your signature using your mouse or a touch screen. 

            Select “Image” if you’d like to sign a piece of paper, scan it with a scanner, and then add your written signature to Adobe Reader. 

After creating your signature, click “Apply” to apply it to the document.Position your signature where you want it with your mouse and click to apply it. Don’t forget to Save the document.

How to sign digitally using a webcam.

First, get a white sheet of paper(A4) and append your signature on it using a black pen.Scan it on your webcam using the preview feature on Mac or camera feature on your Windows. Upload it to be added to your signatures making it easier to use for other documents.

Now all your documents can be received, signed and submitted online without leaving the comfort of your home. If you have any other way to sign documents online, feel free to leave a comment below.

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