How to fix up common Android phone issues

Android phones have all the required qualities you would desire. But even if they attain high strength of their functions, they aren’t perfect and are prone to have problems.

Why do you have to know how to rectify an android phone?

Having to know how to fix/solve what really bothers or gives you concerns helps to:

  • Reduce expense.
  • Reduce maintenance cost.
  • Extend your phone life for long usage.
  • Understand your mobile better and the  appropriate way it should be handled.

What if I don’t have to correct it all by myself?

It is not necessary to do it all by yourself, hand out the device to a professional who can fix it, to prevent your device at a high risk of damage. But, if you know you can solve it with guidance and follow all instructions, you can go ahead with it.

What are the common problems of an android phone?

Androids are liable to have its defects after long usage, frequent issues that prompt them not to work properly are:

  • Insufficient space in memory
  • Faulty/weak battery
  • Device not powering up
  • Overheating
  • SD Card not functioning on your android.
  • Screen freezing
  • Apps crashing

Configure all these with the following instructions, as you read further.

Insufficient space in memory

Not all smartphones have much larger storage space, quite a few of them have an enormous space. 

  • Go to settings on your device
  • Go to storage
  • Tap on the category you want to remove items from
  • Free up space, delete or get rid of the apps, videos, files, images etc
  • Uninstall apps or move them into another category of your storage

Faulty/weak battery

  • Close all apps when you are not using your phone
  • Always charge your device fully but not overcharged and charge it the right way
  • Applications like games, social media apps, tends to kill the battery more faster and restrict it to a certain usage. Limit usage for better optimization

Device not powering up

If your smartphone isn’t acting in response to anything, it is much possible that it isn’t turning on. There are certain forms from which it may arise from, so it is necessary to detect the real fault.

  • Check for broken screen
  • Look for the charging port on your device, if it doesn’t power up, it may need to be fixed up
  • Assess the battery itself, remove it and leave it out for some minutes, then place it back into the phone. After doing such, charge it.
  • Reset your phone
  • Scroll up and down with both volume buttons, tap on the recover 
  • Tap on the power button to select it, find your way to reset mode
  • Tap on Reset with the power button, select Yes and clear all data

Wait for a few minutes as the procedure will take some minutes.


The android tends to get hotter as you use it more often. This reduce the performance function and slow down its system. These are some steps in solving that.

  • Avoid dropping or using it in a high intense environment
  • Always closed up apps when not in use
  • Reduce the brightness of your phone
  • Reduce how you play games, videos. Don’t play them for long

SD Card not functioning on your android

A case in which your device can’t read your SD Card:

  • Go to settings, tap on storage
  • Clear off contents on SD Card (i.e. wipe out or erase all items)
  • Remove and insert the SD card back

Screen freezing

This could be as a result of some apps that have extreme memory, which makes the android not to work.

  • Get rid of apps that are not important OR
  • Head straight to settings
  • Tap on Apps
  • head to the app that isn’t making your device responsive
  • Click on the App
  • Tap on FORCE STOP

Apps crashing

This can be caused by lots of various forms from memory management, many apps, network issues etc.

  • Head to settings
  • Tap on Apps
  • Find that particular app that crashes, when you find it, tap on that app
  • Tap on CLEAR CACHE, next is to tap on FORCE STOP
  • Head to the home screen and start the app again

If you feel you have other problems that haven’t been specified here, or facing issues, feel free to comment below. 

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