How do you maintain an Android device?

Android devices have been used widely and it’s a great tool for the function it performs but won’t last long if proper and adequate maintenance isn’t provided. Even after its long usage, it is important that you keep it in good shape and condition, else your device won’t function properly as intended.

Here are some tips to get your device in good condition.

  • Protect your screen.

Mobile devices tend to fall or slip off from users which cause scratches or breaking of the screen. Support your phone with a screen guard/protection, clean the screen and any form of screen display i.e camera lens, flashlight lens with a soft clothing to prevent dust and other particles.

  • Get a phone case.

Protect your device with a phone case, ensure it has a strong cover and keep it clean, as this will prevent breakage of component parts just in case it drops.

  • Keep the phone clean.

Avoid putting your device on dirty or dusty surfaces, ensure your phone is always dry and clean. Don’t clean your phone with water or cleaning agents, use a light clothing material.

  • Avoid water getting into your phone.

Don’t place your device where it can easily get wet i.e the bathroom, kitchen. Always keep it dry.

  • Place it in a safe environment.

Place your mobile on good surfaces, ensure it’s free of objects around it. Avoid putting your device in your back pocket to prevent scratches or slipping off. Don’t sit up on your phone.

  • Avoid extreme temperature.

Do not place the phone in a hot atmosphere or surfaces, as this can weaken the battery itself and spoil the phone. 

  • Look after the battery.

Always check for the battery once in a while, open the cover of your phone, clean the battery. Make sure your phone is fully charged before use.

  • Uninstall programs/ apps.

Programs or apps that are not in use anymore should be uninstalled, this will create more space and strengthen the battery.

  • Handle phone with care.

Don’t throw or swing your device, handle it gently. Don’t exert physical force on the charging port or the headphone jack. Don’t place your phone face down.

  • Clear cache.

To get more space in your device, you can clear cache of unused apps or programs, this will clean files and make the device work faster and accurately. 

  • Don’t overwork the phone.

Don’t exhaust your phone running with too much program loading. Don’t get your device too hot when in use.

  • Don’t place the phone near magnetic.

Ensure you don’t place the phone close to magnet-like objects, it can spoil the speakers and damage the phone.

  • Shut down the phone when not in use.

Always turn off your device when you don’t need it at the moment, this enables the phone to get in good shape.

  • Guard it against malware.

Devices are prone to get infected with system viruses or malware, use a trusted anti-software/malware protection to keep your phone safe. Avoid entering into unsafe sites, sources, or apps. Also protect your device with strong passwords, pins, to prevent unauthorized access.

  • Reduce brightness.

Decrease the brightness, this helps to keep your phone battery alive for long. It is important to dim the light of the phone to prevent your eyes from being exposed to its rays.

If you know more tips, feel free to make a suggestion or comment below.

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