What is Windows 10 Green Screen of Death

The troubleshooting steps of Windows 10 green screen of death resemble those of blue screen of death and black screen of death. Firstly, check if there is a peripheral connected to the computer.

Sometimes, an external power cord, mouse, USB drive or perhaps a digital camera would cause trouble and threw your PC into a dead green screen. If yes, remove all the peripherals from the PC.

  • Try to restart your PC for three more times: during the boot start Automatic Repair, go ahead with Troubleshoot > Advanced options > System Startup and click the Restart button. When your computer restarts again, select the Safe Mode with Networking option.
  • Press Windows + X keys simultaneously, go to Device Manager – Display Adapter – Driver – Update Driver – Browse my computer for driver software and install latest updates. Restart your PC to check if the green screen appears.

Go to Microsoft Update page, download Windows 10 Creators Update ISO files. Put it in a bootable CD/DVD disc or bootable USB drive. Boot your PC from the bootable drive and find Troubleshoot option. Click Repair your computer, go to Advanced options and then Startup Repair. Now you can easily follow the wizard to repair the startup issue that causes green screen of death on PC.

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