How to prevent your USB external drive from powering down

Windows automatically suspends your USB devices when they aren’t being used. This helps save power, but may cause problems with some USB hardware. Your USB devices will use more power if you disable this feature, but it can fix peripherals that stop working properly after Windows suspends them.

You should only change this setting if you’re having problems with a USB device in Windows. If your USB peripherals work properly, there’s no reason to disable USB suspension

  1. Select the Start button, type power plan in the Search box, and then select Choose a power plan.
  2. Next to your currently selected plan, select Change Plan Settings.
  3. Select Change advanced power settings.
  4. Select the box to expand USB Settings > USB selective suspend settings.
  5. Select Plugged in, select the drop down menu, and then select disabled.
  6. If you’re using a laptop, select Battery, select the drop down menu, and then select disabled.
  7. Select Apply > OK.

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