How do you load Disqus comments upon scroll?

We wanted to use disqus comments plugin on this website, so we read and compared with other comments system. The top three most popular comment systems out there are Disqus, Facebook and WordPress. The WordPress comment system, which works great, lacked style. After a lot of research, we decided to stick with WordPress for now, but we have our eye on thrive comments.

However if you already use Disqus on your site and it hampers your site loading time, you may want to add a few line(s) of code to make the comment box appear only when a user scrolls down to the comment section.

As you may already know, we do not believe in duplicating answers that works already on the world wide web. We can however point you to answers that works. We know because we have verified it does.

Please click here for the guide and if you come across any obstacles or have any questions? Comment below.

How do you load Disqus comments upon scroll?

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