How to create a Gmail account


Gmail is a very good tool for mailing services where you can send and receive mails online, you can use it for several other things in finding, keeping, deleting mails, also to add more further attachments to your electronic mail.

Here are steps on how to create your account: 

  1. Head to the Gmail creation website.

 Google Account creation page

  1. Create your account by inputting necessary details on the Google Account page.
  • Name – Your First name and Last name.
  • Username – Requires you to create a name which will be referred to your gmail account and shown publicly.

Or if you have an existing account, you can use your current email address instead.

  • Password – Create a strong password and input again in the confirm bar.

Note: Use 8 or more characters with a mix of letters, numbers & symbols.

 You can tap on the eye specifier to show if your password is inputted correctly if the icon is off. 

  1. Click on Next .  
  1. Verify your account by selecting your country and inputting your phone number and click on Next .

Google then sends a 6-digit verification to your phone number for confirmation.

  1. After the next icon has been clicked, Fill in your other details. i.e ( Date of Birth, Gender) and click on Next .
  1. Enter the Verification code sent by Google in your text message and click on Verify  .

Or Next or Done.


  1. Scroll down and agree to the terms of the account by clicking on  I agree .


You can as well create an account in your phone by entering the Google creation site and follow the instructions to set up your Account.

You are also free to create more Gmail accounts if needed. 

And that’s it, you have finally created your Gmail account. Do comment below if you have questions, suggestions or comments.

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