How to fix a stuck Windows update

It is necessary to update your PC Windows once in a while to ensure the security update (protection from malicious attacks, bugs) and also add new features to your PC. What if while updating your Windows it got stuck, how will your PC be protected from various network attacks? This is why you must know how to fix your stuck Windows update.

An example of a Stuck Window Update by StephenWallace@mspoweruser.com

There are various methods of fixing a stuck Windows update, they are:-

  • The fastest way to solve a stuck Windows update is Ctrl-Alt-Del, it allows you to sign into your PC normally again.
  • Restart your PC: You can reboot your system or click on the reset button (hold it down for a while).
  • Boot into safe mode: Safe mode disables everything on the PC except the Windows being updated.
  • Check Windows update utility: this is done by clicking on settings then Windows update utility <Advanced option, view the updates history then uninstall all updates and install them again.
  • Performing System Restore: This can be performed from either safe mode/advanced option.The system returns to its original state as it was never updated.
  • Delete the Window update cache file.
  • Clean Window installation: this delete the entire hard drive so backup your important files.
  • Startup Repair: this tool performs in-depth search for the issues hindering the update and fixes it.
  • Fix up with a troubleshoot.
Image result for safemode image
Advanced Options

I hope this helped with your PC Windows update that got stuck. If you have any other method to solve this problem, drop your comments.

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