How do I become a digital marketer?

Five tips on how to become a successful Digital Marketer

Becoming a Digital marketer is a lucrative, and extremely flexible situation, and if you feel it’s something you want to try, here are some tips on how to make it happen.

Step #1: Expand on your Skillset by learning the fundamentals of digital marketing and choose an area in which to specialize in and continually upskilling yourself as the industry changes, this will make you remain competitive and attractive to businesses looking to outsource key digital marketing projects to talented digital marketers.

Step #2: Build your portfolio as a digital marketer, a resume alone isn’t likely to help you get the kind of client that will provide you with a successful, sustainable career, it’s necessary for you to build a portfolio of work that you can showcase to your prospects.

Step #3: At the very start of your career, short internships or offering your skills and services (volunteering) in return for experience is a positive thing as this will allow you to gain confidence, perfect your skills and give you plenty to add to your portfolio.

Step #4: When filling out or updating your portfolio, make sure you include a professional profile shot of yourself and include real client testimonials to accompany each link to, or image of, your work.

Step #5: Learn to pitch, most times when you meet a prospective client, you will be competing against other marketers, so it’s important to learn how to pitch your ideas or services to success.

Step #6: Tap into the gig economy as a digital marketer, you will need to tap into the gig economy to gain employment, by finding the right professional work-based platforms and sites for your niche, optimizing your profiles on said platforms and actively participating, you will stand an excellent chance of picking up regular freelance digital marketing work.

Step #7: Get inbound, you need to enhance your online presence, rather than pitch out for work all of the time, by creating relevant social media channels, fully-optimized website , creating an engaging, mobile-friendly, using your content marketing skills. This will help you boost your presence and awareness that will enable you have clients queuing up to use your services.

That’s it. Got questions? Comment below…I am waiting

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