How do you guard against malware?

Malware(derive from Malicious+Software) is a program line which disables, damages and takes control over the software of the system, if they are prone to be vulnerable or weak in its state. It is very harmful, and it is necessary to take actions to stop it from spreading.

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The common types of malware are Trojans, Spyware, Virus, Worms. There are also others like Botnet, Adware, Rootkit etc. As you read further, you will be able to know what each type of malware affects and work on how you can prevent them.


This kind of malware gains entry into your device where users stream through websites or emails.


As the name is self described, this malware is to spy on your activities done in your device, they are used by hackers to get data, they are known for the term key-logging, i.e to get access to all passwords, accounts, etc. Extorting the privacy of the user.


It works by corrupting files and other file formatted resources, it can be quite difficult to get rid of, as this virus goes further to all other files.


This malware spreads to every internal component of your system, affecting the network, damaging every content very badly, it goes on further spreading and spreading.


Known as Adware supported software. This malware is commonly granted access by users who stream online or offline via advertisements on browser searches of the user, pop-up messages etc.

How do you recognize a Malware in your system?

  • Slow Operation: The system tends to operate at low speed and not run consistently, it takes more time than usual on whatever processes or activity you placed it on.
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  • Inability to access contents such as files, information, apps, programs etc.
  • Operating system crashes, computer applications don’t function, incompatible output.
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  • Anomalous pop-up messages
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What does malware

Unusual files opening and closing , program clicking on its own.

What can malware cause in my device?

  • It is very strong enough to damage your system if you don’t have a good antivirus software or if it isn’t up to date.
  • It allows the use of unauthorized access to get entry into your personal information. This is very dangerous, hackers who make use of this procedure tend to explore in and out of your private data, get passwords, get your credit card details and derive or extort money from you.
  • Grants access to steal information.
  • Disorganized the operating system, you might not even be able to work on your device.
  • Bring up problems such as network issues, connectivity problems.
  • It is liable to bring in other malware into your system or device.

How do you Prevent Malware?

Here are some guidelines in securing your component strong:

  • The best way to tackle it is to ensure you have a better Anti-virus Software  or malware protection that is strong enough to put a stop to any invalid action, ensure your software is up to the latest development.
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  • Be watchful of what you download, browse or apply from unknown/known sites you don’t know about.
  • Make your system up to date.
  • Keep away from unknown users that offer to be of help or any activity you don’t know about online or offline.
  • Keep away from unsafe links.
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  • Hold your information with a strong password that is enough to beat the malware or hacker.
  • Ensure you backup your files.
  • Regular scan.
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  • Make sure your computer Network is safe since they are most open and connected to other devices like the Internet, WiFi , create strong passwords and do not transmit your WiFi network exposed.

How do I get rid of malware?

The best way to get safe on all sides is to get good malware protection. And if you feel that you can’t handle it, hand it out to a professional to work on it, scan it out and remove unnecessary items to be fixed upon.

  • Keep the system off until you know what you are to do on operating it.
  • Remove or delete infected files, apps, formats.
  • Download malware protection.

 Keeping a safe structure, gives a smart organization, so keep confidential and secure.

If you still face some challenges, feel free to comment below.

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