How to Save Data while uploading files to Cpanel

Uploading heavy files and backups to your Cpanel can be very tedious and time consuming.

There are numerous times when you are uploading heavy files or migration backups to your Cpanel and are just worried about the amount data to be exhausted not to mention the time.

This simple trick will reduce data consumption by almost half and reduce the time taken for uploading your files.

Uploading & Extract in Cpanel

All you need to do is to archive the files or transfer them into a folder and archive the folder.
The archived files are almost half of their original size before archiving.
Next is to upload them to your Cpanel using file manager or FTP and extract using the file manager extractor.
After that delete the archive to save space.
While archiving make sure to select the .zip extension as file manager extractor DOES NOT extract .rar files

If you have any questions just drop a comment below.

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