What is ADB (Android Debug Bridge)?

What is ADB?
What is ADB?

ADB or Android Debug Bridge is a fully equipped and loaded command-line tool which is put to use in order to communicate with an Android device. ADB tool is provided alongside the Android SDK and one could easily find this tiny but versatile tool under <SDK>/platform-tools/

It comprises three basic and important components:

  • The Client: It is what runs on your development machine
  • The Server: It is held responsible for communication between the client and daemon running on a device/emulator
  • The Daemon: It runs as a background process on each device/emulator instance

Now, let’s see how you can set up ADB on your various OS inclusive Windows, Linux & Mac. Below are a few easy steps to setup ADB easily on your OS without much hassle. SDK and ADB work on JAVA, so make sure that you have JDK6 or higher running on your OS.

Feel free to explore more about ADB here. And be sure to leave a comment in the section below!

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