How Do I Change my Tagline and Title on my WordPress site

First what is a ‘tagline? This simply tells your site readers or visitors what your business is all about.

As you can probably guess, your title is the name of your site. It’s how people identify your brand and how they search for you online. On the other hand, your tagline is a short statement similar to a subtitle or advertising slogan, often placed right underneath your title. It works as a brief description of what your site is about and why it exists.

Combining a strong title with a clear, descriptive tagline gives your site an advantage when trying to capture audience attention. Take another look at our own title and tagline combination above. It provides the name of the site, while also clearly and concisely explaining what you can expect from our content.

This are the following steps in changing ‘Tagline and Title” 

Step #1: Log into the WordPress Dashboard.

Step #2 : On the left in the sidebar, hover your mouse on “Settings” and click General.

Step #3 : The “Site title” and the “Tagline” can be changed here. Enter a new title and tagline

Step #4: Save your changes.

That’s it. Want to ask a question? Comment below.

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