Tips for using search engines on the internet

To find certain answers to questions you want to know about, open your web browser, use any Search engine of your choice.

Examples: Google, Ask.com Yahoo, Yandex, Bing.  

Here are pointers on how to go about it:


  • Use Quotation marks: You can put in the particular word within the context of the quotation mark. This prompts the search engine to release exact results related to that word.

Example: Searching for the word Manager produces results on different areas or definitions regarding manager, managing, management, etc.

Typing manager in quotation marks helps to find the exact word, i.e “Manager”.


  •  Use Number range: This helps you get an item you are searching for within the amount you specified. 

Example: If you want to know the price of an android phone within $100 and $200. Put it in this format:

Android phone 100$…200$. 


If you want to know the particular year an event took place.

Example: Evolutionary theory 1987…2000.

The OR operator: If you don’t know which item you are specific about,

you can use the OR operator.

This helps you search the item related to the 2 collections you are searching on.

Example: Dog OR car, Red OR blue.

Dog OR  Car.

  • Searching for Title or headings: To find a particular title/heading for articles, songs, movies etc. Use this format:

 Example: intitle:I am a winner.

intitle:The woman.

intitle:The woman.

Ensure that there is no space between the colon and the text.

  • Use negative operator: If you search for a word on News, there are different criteria on;  Sports, entertainment, politics, healthtalk etc. 

You can decide not to search for news related to

sports, entertainment, which can be typed in this format:

 Example: News -sports, -entertainment.

News -health, -politics.

  • Be specific with keywords: Be clear about the word you want to search for. 
  • Make use of Online libraries: This platform can allow you find a subject you want to explore.
  • Ensure you cite the origin or source of the website properly for where you want to search on.

I hope you find this helpful, feel free to place down your comments, suggestions or issues if you have any.

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