How to get Android notifications on a PC

You can get all your android notifications on your running PC and this proves to be less stressful. Having to pick up your phone every time a notification popup can be distracting so follow the steps below to give undivided attention when working.

How to push android notification to PC using Pushbullet.

  1. Install the Pushbullet App.
  1. Set up Pushbullet on the Phone: Sign in with either your Google or Facebook account. Note you’ll need to use the same login on your computer.
  2. Enable notification access: Click “Enable” on the first screen, which will redirect you to the Notification Access settings page. You would be asked to allow pushbullet access to read notification so if you want to show notifications on your PC, click “Allow”. Approve the following permissions (Phone and Contacts).

The next step will allow you to reply to your text messages. If you’re into that, tap “Enable,” then allow the SMS permission. Tap the “Choose which apps to enable” option and pick which apps you’ll actually see synced notifications from.

  1. Set Up Pushbullet on the Computer: Remember to log in with the same account you used on your phone.
  2. Test: To be sure everything is working properly, go to Notification Mirroring settings on the phone. The bottom option should read “Send a test notification”, tap that.A notification should show up on your computer. DONE

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