How can I convert YouTube videos to mp3 (or any media format) online?

What can be more fun than free, good quality stuff? Not much. This is why YouTube was so successful to begin with. It offers anyone the chance, not only to watch any video of their choice online, no matter its length, but to also upload anything they might deem worthy to be shared with the internet; all completely free of charge. Its growing popularity stands to prove how revolutionary this platform is.

However, whenever something new emerges into the world, there is always someone willing to bring additional features to enhance it even more.

This is where onlinevideoconverter.com comes in. This convent online tool brings the option of downloading any YouTube video of your choosing, in video form straight onto your device, without having to install any software and for free.

  1. Copy and paste the video link that you want to convert.
  • Select “.mp3” in the format field. (or any other format from the list)
  • Click the “Start” button to initiate the conversion.
  • When the conversion is done, download the file from the link provided.

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