To find certain answers to questions you want to know about, open your web browser, use any Search engine of your choice.

Examples: Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing.  

Here are pointers on how to go about it:


  • Use Quotation marks: You can put in the particular word within the context of the quotation mark. This prompts the search engine to release exact results related to that word.

Example: Searching for the word Manager produces results on different areas or definitions regarding manager, managing, management, etc.

Typing manager in quotation marks helps to find the exact word, i.e “Manager”.


  •  Use Number range: This helps you get an item you are searching for within the amount you specified. 

Example: If you want to know the price of an android phone within $100 and $200. Put it in this format:

Android phone 100$…200$. 


If you want to know the particular year an event took place.

Example: Evolutionary theory 1987…2000.

The OR operator: If you don’t know which item you are specific about,

you can use the OR operator.

This helps you search the item related to the 2 collections you are searching on.

Example: Dog OR car, Red OR blue.

Dog OR  Car.

  • Searching for Title or headings: To find a particular title/heading for articles, songs, movies etc. Use this format:

 Example: intitle:I am a winner.

intitle:The woman.

intitle:The woman.

Ensure that there is no space between the colon and the text.

  • Use negative operator: If you search for a word on News, there are different criteria on;  Sports, entertainment, politics, healthtalk etc. 

You can decide not to search for news related to

sports, entertainment, which can be typed in this format:

 Example: News -sports, -entertainment.

News -health, -politics.

  • Be specific with keywords: Be clear about the word you want to search for. 
  • Make use of Online libraries: This platform can allow you find a subject you want to explore.
  • Ensure you cite the origin or source of the website properly for where you want to search on.

I hope you find this helpful, feel free to place down your comments, suggestions or issues if you have any.