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Join the campaign, tell us how you tech

Mary techs WordPress daily and her friends tech Media daily

How would you like to take part in our #HowDoYouTech and #Tech4All campaign?

We are on a mission to increase awareness about the benefits and opportunities in tech brought by the web, we want individuals to know that tech is not restricted to a particular group of humans, it is for all!

This campaign is open to all and for everyone, regardless of your skill set, gender, financial wherewithal and tech background (beginner or expert).

How can you join the campaign?

Record a video introducing yourself, tell us your name, what you do and how you tech in twenty seconds (20seconds). Best video will be selected randomly every week and a swag pack will be given. Tag us in your video @HowDoYouTech on facebook, twitter or instagram and use the hashtag #HowDoYouTech and #Tech4All. Before or after you record and publish your video, please enter your email address here for updates and announcements on the campaign.

Join the movement, let us increase awareness about what tech can do, and bring tech to every corner of our country Nigeria, thereby creating opportunities and improving access for our citizens!

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Featured image: Mary techs WordPress and her friends too tech Media at Art43Media daily!

All proceeds go to running free digital skills workshops at our Hub.

Click here to learn more about our pilot project.

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  1. Yes, go team. We are super happy and pumped to be the baby project of How Do You Tech, we already started free digital skills workshop at the hub and we will be running that through to December 2019.

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