PLEASE NOTE: This can only be done on the google calendar mobile application!

Last year, i created a goal for my exercise routine and set it to repeat everyday. Now, this particular routine i had changed for months now but i keep getting notifications everyday from my google calendar. The following steps helped me delete.

Step #1: Open the calendar app on your smartphone. Click on the item you want to delete to expand its details. (As shown in picture, i am deleting item circled in red)

How do you delete recurring goal events on google calendar?

Step #2: Click on the three dotted lines at the top right (circled in white with a purple arrow pointing to it as shown in picture). Click on delete.

Step #3: A pop up will show, asking you to delete this session or all sessions, of course select all, and click OK.


Thats’ it. Got comments, questions? Comment below.