How do you log new mails from a specific sender to google sheets using Zapier?

I was applying for a customer support role at Zapier when i got this question, of course i had to document it, for those searching for this answer.

Simply register an account on if you do not have one already and click the ‘use this zap’ option found here. Follow the instructions and prompts to proceed.

How this integration works:

  1. A new email is received from a specified sender
  2. Zapier adds new rows in Google Sheets.

Please note it will log new mails, not old mails that have been received before enabling this option.

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How do you extract multiple images from googledocs online?

So i had a file with about 40 images i needed to use on a website. Right-clicking on google doc online would not save a picture but this video right here gave me the best solution with three clicks.

Step #1: At the upper left section, click on file, look for the option to, ‘download as html’, click on it.

Step #2: Download the file to your device. Unzip the downloaded file, go to the images folder within the unzipped files.

Step #3: You will find all the images there. Viola.

To see more methods, watch this video