How to use the text editor in your cPanel

I stumbled upon this while trying to create a custom page template on my WordPress website. The solution i found to that had given me quite a number of options so i thought it only fair to explain how to do this as well. Doing this usually depends on your hosting company, however the processes are very similar or rather the same.

Step #1: Log into your cPanel account, locate file manager under files. Once this opens, locate your public_html folder.

Step #2: This next stage depends on what file you want to edit. However, all you need to when you find the file you want to edit is right click and click edit. That’s all.

Watch this example video made by inmotion hosting company to see what it looks like.

How do you connect to your website using FTP

I stumbled upon this while trying to create a custom page template on my WordPress website. The solution i found to that had given me quite a number of options so i thought it only fair to explain how to do this as well. There are numerous ways to do this but the easiest way is to download Filezilla, an open source FTP client.

What you need:

  1. Your website ftp address (usually if your URL is
  2. Your ftp username
  3. Your ftp password

Step #1: Enter in all the right details and connect to your server. That’s all, you are in.

What you do next depends on what you want to achieve.

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How do you disable read receipts on your iPhone?

Pretty easy you would say, but sometimes you just begin to wonder where this option hides. Follow these steps:

Step #1: From your iPhone home screen, open the WhatsApp application

Step #2: Look to your bottom right, you will see settings, click on it

Step #3: Next, click on ‘account’, then click on ‘privacy’

Step #4: You will see the option to toggle on and off ‘read receipts’. Turn it off.

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How do you review third party apps you have given access/permission to in your google account at one point or the other?

I realised just this past week that this tiny activity is often overlooked, meanwhile it could have a negative impact on one’s account security.

To check now, simply click this: – this takes you straight to the applications page that have one access or the other to your google mail/account. If you see any application you don’t need or have not used in a long time.

Click on it to reveal the ‘remove access’ option. Click on ‘remove access to proceed’.

P.S: If you have other frequently used online services like twitter, zapier, facebook, etc? Go review the apps you gave permission to now. That option can usually be found under settings, applications/security/permissions.

P.P.S:  To learn about the risks to your google account, click here.

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How do you log new mails from a specific sender to google sheets using Zapier?

I was applying for a customer support role at Zapier when i got this question, of course i had to document it, for those searching for this answer.

Simply register an account on if you do not have one already and click the ‘use this zap’ option found here. Follow the instructions and prompts to proceed.

How this integration works:

  1. A new email is received from a specified sender
  2. Zapier adds new rows in Google Sheets.

Please note it will log new mails, not old mails that have been received before enabling this option.

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How do you extract multiple images from googledocs online?

So i had a file with about 40 images i needed to use on a website. Right-clicking on google doc online would not save a picture but this video right here gave me the best solution with three clicks.

Step #1: At the upper left section, click on file, look for the option to, ‘download as html’, click on it.

Step #2: Download the file to your device. Unzip the downloaded file, go to the images folder within the unzipped files.

Step #3: You will find all the images there. Viola.

To see more methods, watch this video