We are a technological research form that specialises in documenting and presenting correct results to “how do you” questions in tech. We engage in building useful digital systems (apps, websites, and social media) as this aids us in sharpening our mental and physical skills. As Achim Munene rightly said once;

“If you think you are good, try and get someone else to be as good as you!”

With this in mind, we also consult and teach individuals and companies alike how to build or use these systems. We are a distributed team of experts from diverse backgrounds, specialising in minimal digital products. Formed in 2017, in the famous city of Lagos, Nigeria. 

As an educational tech research firm, we work to ensure that individuals stop wandering in a rabbit trail of search result links each time they seek knowledge.

As a tech consulting form, we work to ensure you do not go through the hassle it takes to build and maintain a functional digital presence for your brand and business.

HDYTech ™ is a registered trademark of How Do You Tech Limited.