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Mary at Aiducation Career Fair in Strathmore University, Nairobi

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to empower, support and equip Africans with digital literacy skills, through the use of information and communication technology tools to build strong knowledge sharing communities and problem solving initiatives with technologies for the purpose of making meaningful contributions to the human and economic growth of the African continent.


Our Vision

Our vision is for all individuals to embrace a tech for me mindset, regardless of their field of work!



We are tested and trusted, great listeners as we do not believe in force feeding you our ideas, but recommend what works when needed.

Fair Prices

Our Academy Membership fee is very low and not charged for profit, but for maintenance of our platform. Our custom web development and support fees are also moderate and fair.

Fast & Responsive

We will not abandon you at any time you reach out to us, we ensure we respond to your requests in a timely manner when you need us.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We can guarantee we would leave you satisfied at all times. We do our best to ensure your tech needs are met when you come to us.

We are a distributed team of tech enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds. Formed in December 2017, in the famous city of Lagos, Nigeria.

Mary Job

Mary Job

Founder & Creator

Mary is a Founder at How Do You Tech. She is a dedicated member of the WordPress Open Source Community. She stands by her belief that anyone can blog and everyone should.

Ibrahim Nasir

Ibrahim Nasir

Lead Developer | NG

Ibrahim is the Lead Website Developer who oversees the day-to-day operations of How Do You Tech. In his spare time, he contributes to WordPress and NetSquared communities.

Tunbosun Ayinla

Tunbosun Ayinla

Developer Consultant

Bosun is a writer & WordPress Developer Consultant for How Do You Tech. He is an avid member of the WordPress Open Source community and enjoys giving back in his spare time.

Adedotun Abolaji

Adedotun Abolaji

Community Co-ordinator | NG

Adedotun is an aspiring web developer with an electrical engineering background at How Do You Tech. He spends his spare time learning how to code and writing.

Alice Njambi

Alice Njambi

UX Consultant | US

Alice is a UX/UI Consultant with How Do You Tech, based in the US. She loves backpacking, great music, pencil art, animals and is always eager to learn a new language.