A Little Bit About Us.

We are an education research technology firm that specialises in curating human verified correct answers to specific “how do you” questions in tech. We build useful digital systems (apps, websites, and social media). We teach individuals and companies alike how to build or use this systems. In return, this helps us to sharpen our mental and technological skills.

Our goal is to save the time users’ spend on search engines looking for accurate and useful answers to specific ‘how do you questions in tech.

Our mission is to see that every individual does not wander in a rabbit trail of search result links each time they seek knowledge, by educating them on how to retrieve useful information and how to process it for personal and professional empowerment.

Our vision is to teach and show individuals living in disadvantaged areas how to be prosumers of technology that will aid in solving societal problems through the funding of ICT training and programmes. We have already began work on this using Ijebu-Imusin as our first destination, through Uwani HubThese individuals will be introduced to technology history, trends, software development, robotics, graphics and character development.

We are a distributed team of experts from diverse backgrounds, specialising in minimal digital products. Formed in December 2017, in the famous city of Lagos, Nigeria.