How do you secure your privacy online?

It is very important to safeguard your details, every element of your own privacy should not be considered trivial especially when it is being handled online.

SCOPE to ensure security of online information:

  • Safeguard your details with a strong password that won’t be easy to decipher by external sources (i.e on social media, accounts, Wireless Fidelity, etc).
  • Be careful of any suspecting link, website, so as not to fall for scams.
  • Monitor any of your account transactions that you make online.
  • Ensure you have good anti-virus softwares installed on your systems and browsers, mobile or any device. This will prevent and detect malicious external sources that tend to be a threat.
  • Ensure you have Backup and Recovery on your system or devices, as this will prevent data loss and allows you to get access to your data right on track.
  • Protect your browser by constructing browser settings and privacy settings.
  • Do not give out too much information when asked. How do you know when information is too much?

Data protection is valuable as it gives Authentication, Access, and Validity to the user. Protect your personal identity privately and keep information close.

Stay resourceful online.

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