How do spammers work?

Spammers are the group of individuals that uses messaging systems such as social medias to send unsolicited electronic messages.

  • Spammers use sophisticated tools to scan the web and harvest address. If you publicly post your email address or usernames online, a spammer will find it.
  • They are good when it comes to making guesses. They use tools to generate common usernames and pair them with common domains. These tools are similar to the ones hackers use to crack passwords.
  • Spammers can purchase list legally and illegally. When you signup to a website or a service, make sure to read the privacy policy carefully. Find out what the website plans to do with your email address.
  • Spammers often send links that can harm your device. Either by tricking you to download some malicious software or visit some black websites. Once your device gets infected, they can have access to your contacts and use it to spread the malware further.

It is advised not to open any link that is from an unknown person, or that you feel suspicious about. It pays to keep your email address as private as possible; even if it seems like it is inevitable to keep it out of the reach of spammers. Due to this reason you have to combine smart privacy practices with strong email filters.

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