How to verify domain ownership on google search console

One main reason for verifying ownership of your domain to google is because you want to use some of their services that requires verification like search console, gsuite, etcetera.

To successfully verify your domain with google, you need to add a ‘txt’ record to your DNS configuration on your domain and verify its been added correctly on the google service you want to use it at. So here it is:

Adding a TXT record to verify domain on search console - hdytech
Adding a TXT record to verify domain on search console – hdytech

#Step 1: Go to https://search.google.com/search-console

Step #2: Add your domain name

Step #3: Copy the txt record

Step #4: Go to the control panel of your domain and log in, look for the zone editor option, open it up, go to the domain you wish to add a record for, click on add a TXT record. If you do not see TXT, click on manage to reveal more records.

Step #5: Type your domain name in the ‘valid zone name’, select TXT record type, add the text you copied earlier in the record box, and click add.

Step #6: Click the ‘verify’ button on the search console page to verify your domain.

Please note sometimes it may take 30 minutes or more for the records you added to propagate. Namecheap users can see more information here.

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