How to stay safe riding with Uber

Uber has become the most popular taxi hailing option for riders in some of our cities here in Nigeria. As with any human technology and business, incidences are bound to occur. Uber has put in place measures to ensure their platform is used in a safe way by responsible and verified humans (drivers).

On your own part, it is important for you to ensure you play safe too. Hence here are three (3) things to check before getting into an Uber with your rider.

  1. When your Uber arrives, make sure to crosscheck the number plate on the car to the one on your app.
  2. Make sure the make of the car and model also matches the one on your app.
  3. Last but not the least, check that the driver’s photo matches the one on your app.

If any of these three items are found wanting, do not get into that Uber ride.

P.S: Did you know that Uber has a safety toolkit option for you on the app?

For more safety tips on Uber for drivers and riders, click here.

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Featured Image Source: Uber.

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