How to fix Instagram account problems in 2019

On March 13th, 2019, Instagram developed a problem accessing accounts. Some people had difficulty accessing their Instagram accounts.

If you get an email from Instagram saying: you changed your email account, look for the link that says “revert this change” and click it.

Once that is done, change Instagram password. You can use a tool like Lastpass to do this.

If needed you can use the details on this page to restore access to your Instagram account and link to a new email address.

You need to revoke access to third-party apps and you may want to enable two-factor authentication.

Instagram also has a dedicated team working on this issue. If you contact them for help, you will hear back soon.

Is Instagram Down?

The first thing to do is check to see if Instagram is down. Although it rarely happens for everyone at the same time, there are short periods where Instagram is offline due to a problem with Instagram servers.

You can check to see if this is happening on Twitter and on Down Detector. On both sites, you will see user reports of Instagram problems and exactly what they are seeing. There is no official Instagram Help Twitter account, so don’t share any details with an Instagram account on Twitter if you are looking for help. You can check to see if the official Instagram account posted any status updates about downtime, but this doesn’t always happen.

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