How to view and reply SMS messages from your computer

Remember how easy and comfortable it is to chat on WhatsApp using your computer? Well the same thing can be done with SMS messages too.

With the new Messages app from Google you can connect your phone to your computer and seamlessly send and receive SMS messages in your browser, cool right?

Sometimes it’s hard to pick up your phone and reply a message while typing up that article on your PC and reading a mail.

Although we have powerful smartphones with gigantic RAMS and processing speed, multitasking on a PC is much more easier and convenient that on a mobile unless in transit. To be able to enjoy this feature follow these simple steps

Step 1. Get the Messages (NOT messaging) app from Google Playstore with Google LLC as the app developer.

Step 2. Once installed open the app and tap the three dots at the top right corner and select “messages for web”

Step 3. Visit https://messages.google.com/web on your internet enabled PC browser

Messages for web - Google

Step 4. On your phone tap on the “QR code scanner” and scan the code displayed on your PC screen.

Step 5. Wait until you hear you phone vibrate once and the web page refreshing.

After some seconds the page will display your phones SMS messages and you read and reply from your PC as long as both of them stay connected to the internet.

PS: If its on a public computer don’t forget to toggle OFF the “remember this computer button”

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That’s it. Want to add more or ask a question? Comment below.

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