How do you delete website files from file manager (cPanel)?

One of the reasons you may want to do this is because you let go of a website project, or you are finished with it. Sometimes we create test live sites instead of local sites. And when the purpose is done, the sites files should be deleted. Why put additional load you don’t need on your server?

Step #1: Log into your cPanel, go to click on file manager in the section called files. Ideally this may or may not open in a new tab.

Step #2: Go to your home directory if you have more than one site. In the main section, you will see a list of folders and files. Click on the site you wish to delete. It will become highlighted.

Step #3: Look to the top of your page, the delete button will be active, click on it. A pop up will show asking you to confirm you want to delete the site. Click confirm to delete.

That’s it. Got questions or feedbacks? Comment below.

P.S: Don’t forget to delete the application installation as well.

P.P.S: To read more, click here.

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