How do you share links of your online presence?

I was having a conversation with a person that had been sent to me by someone else. This person needed guidance on how to surge forward in their professional lives.

At one point in the conversation, i asked ‘where can i find your works online’?

This is almost a familiar question these days. Chances are, someone, somewhere has asked you this question before. How did you answer?

Except you are physically present with the person who asked you this. Do not ever just write the name of your business or profile online in a virtual conversation.

Let’s say for instance, you have a Facebook/Instagram page. Or a personal twitter handle where you tweet about your field of work. Please do not answer that question by saying, my business name is askmaryjob on facebook, or askmaryjob on instagram, or askmaryjob on twitter. NEVER.

Follow this format in answering that question. Write out the entire URL or web address that leads to your online presence.

Step #1: You can find my business on instagram at www.instagram.com/(your username). 

This will look like this; www.instagram.com/askmaryjob

Same goes for Facebook, websites, twitter handles. Wondering why you should write it out like this? It makes this a clickable link for the person asking you the question, it saves them time from trying to search your business name out on google or the social network.

That’s it. Got more tips you would like to share or questions? Comment below.

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