How do you display unread mails first in gmail?

Personally, even after reading a mail, i mark it unread so i do not forget to respond. But, what if this unread mail is buried down deep because other mails have come into your mailbox. Your unread messages count is showing you more than you see. You are wondering why. Well it’s pretty easy, follow these steps:

Step #1: Log into your gmail box, obviously.

Step #2: At the near top right, look for the gear icon, click on it to display its’ options, look for settings. Click on that.

Step #3: Look for the inbox tab, click on it. The first option there is the inbox type, click on it to display its’ options, select unread first. Scroll down a bit, and save changes. It will take you back to your inbox automatically.

Thats’ it. Got any questions or feedbacks, please comment below.

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